Get A Roof You Can Rely On

Hire a dedicated roofing company in Westerville & Columbus, OH

A damaged roof is already a big enough problem. Don't wait for leaks to lead to extra repairs for your interior. Call Jim Hughes Roofing and Gutters as soon as you notice your roof is compromised.

Our roofing company provides roof replacement, repair and installation services in Westerville, Columbus, OH and Franklin and Knox counties. We work on all types of roofs, including traditional asphalt shingle, cedar shake and flat roofs. You can get your damaged roof replaced with a design that will make your house look more attractive and keep your interior protected from the elements.

Call us for anything from a shingle roof replacement to a rubber roof installation in the Westerville and Columbus, OH areas.

Our Roofing Company Can Do More Than Just Roofs

Install matching exterior features for your Westerville or Columbus, OH home

If you update your roof with a new material or style, you might end up with a home or office that looks mismatched and unappealing. Jim Hughes Roofing and Gutters can improve your entire exterior to make sure it's functional and attractive. You can rely on us for...





We've been working on residential and commercial exteriors for nearly 40 years. You can rest assured we'll make your exterior durable and visually appealing.

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Are roofing problems interrupting your business?

Schedule a commercial roof replacement in Westerville or Columbus, OH

It's easy to forget about your roof until it starts leaking and you have to close your business while you wait for a roof replacement. Our roofing company works with all types of commercial roofs and will resolve your roof issue as quickly as possible. When you call us for roof inspection services, we'll send a quote directly to your insurance company to help make the process easy.

Make commercial roof replacement as smooth as possible by teaming up with an experienced roofing company.